Winter Skin

Is your skin drier, more irritated and feeling dehydrated?

Why does my skin feel like this in the winter?

The reason this happens is due to a process called trans-epidermal water loss and impaired barrier function.

Cold weather, central heating, reduces humidity and hot bath or showers all play a role in these skin processes.

What can I do to improve my skin health during winter?

At home don’t wash your face with very hot water, reduce the heating and look at using humidifiers to improve moisture content of the house.

Reducing caffeine and alcohol will help with dehydration.

Skincare can be altered by using a very gentle cleanser, hydrating serums which contain antioxidants and attract moisture, and effective moisturisers.

Skin treatments in clinic include mesotherapy and Profhilo. Increasing Hyaluronic acid within the skin for improved moisture content.

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