Microneedling and Mesotherapy


Procedure Time

60 minutes


up to 6 months after a course of treatment


up to 2 days


topical anaesthetic gel

What isĀ Mesotherapy and Microneedling?

Mesotherapy involves puncturing the skin lightly with microinjections whilst adding a skin boosting product.The technique of administration varies, however, the technique focuses on the superficial layers of the skin and bruising and bleeding is minimal. The action of the minor trauma of the skin allows for cell signalling, this causes a cascade of cellular stimulation which helps in skin rejuvenation. The fibroblasts cells which produce collagen infiltrate the areas which cause the renewal of collagen in the area.

Benefits of mesotherapy:

  • Reduced Pigmentation

  • Reduced pore size and amount

  • Plumping of the skin

  • Reduced fine lines

  • Improved skin texture

  • Reduced acne scarring

  • Improvement in scar texture

  • More even smooth skin