Essential Guide To Cleansing

Why cleansing is important?

Cleansing is hugely important especially when we consider the layers that build up on our face. SPF, foundation, environmental factors, plus excess oil production and dead skin cells.

Free-radicals, pollution and all the invisible external factors need to be cleansed effectively.

Choose the right cleanser for your skin

Dry sensitive skin may need a gentle, gel formula with minimal amounts of AHA’s. Oily/acne prone skin will tolerate foam cleaners more. Salicylic acid is important in acne treatment. We don’t want to strip, dry or irritate the skin during this part of your regime.

Should I double cleanse?

Double cleanse essentially means using two cleansers to remove makeup, grime and dirt effectively. We may remove superficial SPF and makeup on the first cleanse, but may not be cleansing the skin effectively on a cellular level.

If the surface is prepared well serums and moisturisers will absorb to the optimal level.

Is make up removal different to cleansing?

The two processes are technically different. Removing makeup doesn’t mean the skin is fully cleansed. We need to consider the material deep in the pores such as sebum and dead cells. These need to be effectively cleansed.

Should I massage the face?

Massage during the cleansing process is a wonderful way of improving blood flow to the face. The lymphatic system will be stimulated draining away toxins and excess fluid. This routine will reduce puffiness and create radiance.

Why are acids important?

There are a plethora of acids available to us within cleansers. The correct formula for your skin type is essential. Acids work by dissolving sebum, loosening dead cells and creating an environment where serum and products can be absorbed effectively and not just sit on the skin surface.

Many AHA’s and their gentle counterparts PHA’s will remove dead cells, stimulate new cell production and promote collagen.

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